Slideshow/Video Gallery: Le Puy-en-Velay, France

First, allow me to apologize to anyone using a dialup connection to access these resources. I've put all of this content into Flash format to try and reduce the size of the files. As you may know, video clips take up a lot of space anyway, and so you may need to wait a bit for them to load in your browser. You may be prompted to download and install an updated version of the Flash player that is needed to view the videos.

Here are the clips and slide shows I've put together for you. (11 May: I just added 2 clips based on satellite imagery of the Loire River Valley. Check it out....I think you'll enjoy...)

Video Clips

Slide Shows

Note: I struggled to decide on the best way to package these, and settled on PowerPoint files that I then converted to a format that can be viewed on the web. Only problem - this format is not compatible with all browsers. You need Internet Explorer version 4 or higher. If you have a Windows PC that is not really ancient, you should be ok.

Last modified: May 11, 2006